• 24″ Long aluminum extension with handle 
  • Model:  XT-24H Contractor threads with handle
  • Model:  XT-24H-FT fine 1-1/4″ threads with handle.
  • Nozzle extension gives blaster an ergonomic option to stand further back from work surface or extend reach when blast cleaning difficult to reach into / narrow  areas.
  • Supplied complete with position adjustable  handle.


Our ergonomic blast cleaning nozzle extensions are designed to help make some types of sandblasting work more comfortable and help blast-techs reach difficult to get to areas.

For example, blast cleaning steel floors of tanks while bending over can be uncomfortable work.  A Sandblasting technician’s work can be made more comfortable by using a nozzle extension. How?  Our Extension helps get nozzle closer to tank’s floor without the blast-tech having to work bent over.

Another application where our nozzle extension is useful, is in line striping removal.  Using our extension with a blast nozzle, the blast tech does not need to work with his/her back in a bent position. Using our ergonomic nozzle extensions, blasters now have an opportunity to work more comfortably and efficiently.

An additional area where a nozzle extension could help a blast-tech, is in places where a blast nozzle cannot be held close enough to work surface.  Increased nozzle distance from work surface can result in an unwanted reduction in abrasive impact velocity.  Our extensions offer blast-techs, a tool to get the nozzle and abrasive blast stream closer to the work surface. This can improve blasting efficiency, reduce sandblasting time and lead to increased productivity.

We offer two extension versions, one for Contractor style nozzles with coarse threads and another for nozzles with 1-1/4″ fine threads.

Our 24” long aluminum nozzle extensions are made in the USA.