Standard oil removing filters absorb oil mist and fine droplets while vaporized oil passes right through where it causes finishing flaws.

The Motor Guard Model M-C100 Activated Carbon Filter removes oil vapor and other contaminants from compressed air through the adsorption process. In this process, microscopic pores in the activated carbon media trap individual oil molecules while clean air passes through.

The Motor Guard’s Activated Carbon Filter features the exclusive Carbon-Max® cartridge. The filter element contains an expanded volume of activated carbon media to deliver air to the spray gun that is virtually free of oil vapor (<.01 ppm by weight).

Designed for maximum airflow at a minimum pressure drop, the extended carbon content of the Carbon-Max® cartridge means that compressed air spends the maximum time in contact with the carbon media for more complete vapor removal.

The addition of the M-C100 as the final stage in an existing air management system ensures defect-free finishing with waterborne materials