Hose Cleaners can save as much as 50% of your time when switching between colors. Compressed air forces the Polyethylene foam hose cleaner through the hose in a matter of seconds. The textured exterior of the Hose Cleaner picks up stubborn-clinging powder from the hose walls leaving them smooth, clean and ready to go.

Benefits Of Hose Cleaners:

* Increased productivity by reducing time between color changeover.
* Increase quality because your Powder Coater can now thoroughly clean the hose between color changes in a
matter of seconds.
* More time spent coating and less time cleaning.
* Eliminate color contamination rejects.

These hose cleaners measure 1 ” in length and will fit powder hose with an inside diameter of 1/2″ or 10-12mm. Depending on the amount of build up these may possibly be used more than once.

500 count