The RB4226 is the best abrasive blasting cabinet for small to medium sized objects. Made in the USA, this dual door blast cabinet also has a front door for ease of use. The high quality siphon system style gun ensures efficient blasting pressure. Visibility is maximized by utilizing a very bright 20 watt LED lamp in combination with the sturdy 100 CFM BP style dust collector. This combination keeps dust to a minimum, which gives the operator a clear view of objects in the blasting cabinet. Attention to detail and focus on performance make the RB4226 a clear winner when choosing a sandblasting cabinet.

RB4226 Media Blasting CabinetRB4226 Abrasive Blasting Cabinet by Raptor BlasterRB4226 Sand Blasting Cabinet by Raptor Blaster

All Raptor Blaster abrasive blasting cabinets are laser cut and hand welded in the USA. No seams, No rivets. Your blast media will stay contained in the cabinet during operation.

More on the RB4226 Abrasive Blasting Cabinet


The model number is in reference to it’s size. It’s 42 inches wide by 26 inches deep. In addition to a large access door on each side, it has a fold up door in the front that allows you to put wider objects into the blast cabinet.

There are three major elements to a blasting cabinet. The first is construction. How well is this cabinet made? and is it going to leak media on the floor? The Raptor Blaster 4226 Blasting Cabinet is made with a 16 and 14 gauge body as well as 10 gauge doors. All parts that are on this cabinet are laser cut, hand welded. There’s no riveted seams that are going to allow media to fall on the floor. When you blast in a Raptor Blaster cabinet, all the blast media will stay contained inside the blast cabinet.

The second is blast function. How well is the media coming out of the nozzle going to blast and strip an object? We use a very efficient BNP style gun which paired with a large designed pick up assembly makes for an extremely high functioning blasting cabinet.

Inside the RB4226 Blasting CabinetRB4226 Blasting Cabinet by Raptor Blaster

The third is visibility. How well does the dust collection clear the inside of the cabinet while you’re blasting? The Raptor Blaster 4226 comes with a very sturdy 100 CFM can style dust collector. This, in combination with a very bright 20 watt LED lamp inside, keeps the cabinet very clear and visible. You can blast for long periods of time with excellent visibility.

And finally, for those as you that enjoy a good looking piece of sandblasting equipment, all Raptor Blaster models are powder coated with a highly durable and a very modern dark gray hammer tone finish. Your Raptor Blaster will be a showpiece in your garage or your shop for years to come.


Here’s How to Set up the RB4226