The Vapor King is a new concept wet blast cabinet. This new vapor blasting cabinet enables users to take advantage of the benefits of outdoor vapor blasting equipment and wet blast pressure units. You can now bring those abilities indoors for use in all your industrial in-plant surface prep applications. Now you can direct pressure wet blast inside of a cabinet. Wash, De-grease, and Blast all in one step!

The Vapor King is made from 12 gauge STAINLESS STEEL with 10 gauge double panel doors. 100% laser cut and hand welded. An industrial vapor blast cabinet that is built to last.

The Vapor King comes complete with our 900 CFM mist collector as well as a window wiper for optimal visibility.

RB4836 Vapor King Wet Blast Cabinet by Raptor BlasterRB4836 Vapor King Vapor Blaster by Raptor Blaster

Vapor Blaster Cabinet by Raptor BlasterRB4836 Blast Media Cabinet by Raptor Blaster

All our Raptor Blaster Cabinets are laser cut and hand welded in the USA. Unlike lower-end models, there are no seams, and no rivets. This means all your blast media will stay contained in the cabinet during operation.

More on the Vapor King Wet Blast Cabinet

We want to introduce you to Raptor Blasting System’s stainless steel Vapor King wet blast cabinet. You will want to pair this blast cabinet with your outdoor contractor style direct pressure vapor blast unit, such as this Graco EQP unit.

Let’s talk about direct pressure vapor blast systems. These systems are used in the outdoor contractor market to do bridges, buildings, tanks, and other situations where dustless blasting is ideal. Direct pressure vapor blast systems work by introducing water to the blast stream (dustless blasting). Vapor blasting units create very little dust compared to dry blasting equipment. We’ve discovered benefits beyond dustless blasting with direct pressure vapor blasting units, such as removing powder coating. Direct pressure vapor blasting equipment makes it easier to remove epoxies, coatings, dirt, grease, and grime. The water cools the blasted surface at impact, and removes coatings and residue much quicker than dry blasting.

We’ve taken advantage of the benefits of outdoor vapor blasting, and put them inside a blasting cabinet for the industrial market. Let’s take a closer look at what’s currently in the market for industrial wet blast cabinets that also allow you to vapor blast indoors.

The Current State of Indoor Vapor Blasting Cabinets

Up until now, all manufacturers of indoor vapor blasters have used a slurry blast system. Every vapor blasting cabinet up to now has been a slurry blast system. Here’s how slurry blasters work.

First, you have a urethane lined pump that pumps media and water mixed to a gun. This is the equivalent of a siphon gun, where compressed air is introduced at the blast nozzle. This system creates a direct pressure unit.

What we’ve done with the Vapor King is run the nozzle and the hose into the cabinet, removed the dead man’s switch, and retrofit it with a foot pedal, which actuates the system. So we’re blasting direct pressure inside a cabinet. To sum up, slurry blasting is the equivalent of a siphon gun, while direct pressure is a substantially more aggressive blasting methodology. The Vapor King throws with more force, and is therefore more effective in profiling than a slurry blast system. Up to this point, no other blasting cabinet manufacturer has done this.

Better Visibility than Traditional Vapor Blasting Cabinets

Because this is a direct pressure system, and it’s a wet blast system, a lot of vapor is created. Our vapor blaster unit is powerful, and because it strips surfaces quickly, there is a lot of vapor coming out of the nozzle. This creates issues with visibility and seeing inside the cabinet. Normally, on a dry blast cabinet, you’re moving a lot of air through the cabinet, and you’re getting the dust out of the cabinet for visibility.

To deal with the mist, we changed from a dust collector to a mist collector. We’ve found that the mist collector worked best by mounting it directly on top of the cabinet, and the bottom of it is opened up to the cabinet. This allows us to pull all of the air straight up through the mist collector out the top. The heavy water will drop back into the sump. The end result is excellent, outstanding visibility. In addition, we put a windshield wiper on the Vapor King, so you can keep the window clean as you’re blasting. This means the visibility in this blast cabinet will be exceptional, no matter how much blasting you do.

We’ve Made It Easy To Deal With Used Blast Media

We wanted to have all of the blast media fall out of the bottom of the cabinet, to make it easy to separate the water from the media, so they can each be disposed of accordingly. You can use any type of media in these systems. Feel free to use the heck out of your blast media and toss it. Your blast media will drop out the bottom of the cabinet into the drain basin. The water filters through the drain basin to the bottom portion, allowing you to drain the water off and do whatever you need to do with the used media.

How the Vapor King Will Save You Time

Here’s a couple of examples of how this vapor blasting cabinet could be used. In our first example, we took an aluminum wheel off of a tractor trailer that needed to be cleaned up. Before, the shop was cleaning the wheel by hand with a scrub brush, which took about 45 minutes. In comparison, using max pressure inside the Vapor King cabinet, we were able to clean these wheels up in seven minutes. That’s a difference of 38 minutes for a single clean-up job.

In our next example, we have a heavily powder coated gas tank. We took one half of the gas tank, and blasted it with garnet. We were able to clean the whole side of the gas tank in about two minutes. As you can see, the entire process was extremely fast.

Vapor King Summary

In conclusion, what we’ve accomplished is taking a direct pressure outdoor vapor blasting unit, and made it available to use inside of a cabinet. Until now, no one has done this with vapor blasting equipment. The Vapor King is a revolutionary piece of equipment, making your work go a lot faster. The Vapor King also profiles much better than traditional slurry blasting cabinets.